Raising funds for your business is as easy as making a social media post

An all-in-one solution for enabling micro and small businesses to raise funds from their community
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We have a strong and engaged community, so Ignium was exactly what we needed. A fast and reliable solution with support all the way. It saved our farm!
Tanel Tang
Founder of Saaremaa Mahemuna

Funding is at your fingertips — all you need is your community!

Register your company
In only 10 minutes
Design and mint NFTs
on blockchain
Invite your community
by using social media and any other channels

Money raised! Community engaged!

Raised funds are now ready to be used. Assets are transferred to investors.


The registration process takes about 10 minutes, along with providing details about your business to make you legally onboarded.

Mint NFTs

Start the fund raising process right after setting up your campaign! All securities will be stored on the blockchain.

Invite your community

After the fund raising campaign has been prepared, get ready to tap into your community! Invite them through social media, your web page, by using offline venues or any other channel you might think of.

Ignium takes care of the rest

Onboarding the NFT buyers

Ignium provides a smooth experience of onboarding for your community investors

Mint NFT

Ignium will take care of creating and managing the NFTs for you

Processing the payments

Ignium makes seamless e-commerce like payment process for NFTs

Transfer of NFTs in return for payment

Ignium transfers assets to the investor and funds to the issuer immediately after the payment has been made by the investor

No, this is not crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding platforms usually provide you with their own investors and arrange them to invest. We do not provide you with the investors. We are providing a tool to raise money from the people who already like what you do, who appreciate your products or services — your customers, and soon to be investors.

Sounds interesting

We’re happy to provide detailed information and answer your questions

This is how we have helped our clients

Just €99 a month
For companies issuing securities.
No fees based on the amount of funds raised.


Get to know if your company is ready

Get in contact with us to understand if you are ready to raise funds from your community with the help of digital assets

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